Rare pleasant surprise

This posting was inspired by a request for a final waiver. Last summer I took on a tiny job – a single  beam cover (turned out to be 3 pieces when we were done). The job was a poster child for small aggravating jobs that take way too much time in relation to the revenue. It was one of the inspirations for the posting about designers being squeezed. https://planetcommercialconstruction.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/fads-fashions-and-trends-on-planet-commercial-construction/   There was no hostility in the process, just a lot of back and forth and coordination, all way out of proportion to covering a steel beam at a garage door. We were furnish-only and the erector was quite bureaucratic and would not use their normal lifting hardware because of an inconsequential hole size mismatch on a plate. I was so frustrated that I jumped in and ordered eye bolts without waiting for a change order, just hoping that the GC would pay me for the bolts and the fiddling time. (The problem was not mine but I wanted to wash my hands of it and while I normally hate taking risks on extras, it was very <$100). Late in December I was astonished and surprised to find in my mail box a check for the whole contract, including every change order and NO RETENTION. What a pleasant surprise. And this week’s email asking for a final waiver? It only mentioned the base amount.  The contrast between the smooth and rapid payment (at least on my end) and the slow and bumpy process of approvals and coordination was amusing. Ah, the planet of surprises, small and large!


About Leo Schlosberg

Graybeard with experience in commercial construction and IT, and an interest in information flow and process. Aware and respectful of the enormous complexity, technical, legal, and other, embedded in every structure that is part of the built environment.
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