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Graybeard with experience in commercial construction and IT, and an interest in information flow and process. Aware and respectful of the enormous complexity, technical, legal, and other, embedded in every structure that is part of the built environment.

Retirement reflections #2

I am now mostly retired and doing a lot of traveling to visit my far-flung grandchildren. Most of my days since the last posting in September 2017 (Retirement Reflections have been spent out of the country, but I still … Continue reading

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Retirement reflections

I have been learning about this business for 29 years now.  As I transition to retirement I get both reflective and annoyed. Annoyed because certain things do not get better, they may be getting worse, and of course I am … Continue reading

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Lessons from small failures – Part II: Designing for durability

If you get to design and build generation after generation of essentially the same structure and you get to study the old problems, then you end up with a mature well-designed product. Over the decades automobiles have clearly become both … Continue reading

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Lessons from small failures – Part I: Searching for truth

The “failure” here is simply a piece of architectural precast concrete that cracked open much earlier in its life than expected. The piece is part of a system of curbs and railings on a bridge.  Photos were sent to me … Continue reading

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Lovely spring day makes everything look better

Today was a lovely spring day and I even got to take a little bike ride. That puts me in a very good mood. So one of those constant screw-ups that occur here on planetcommercialconstruction struck me as funny rather than … Continue reading

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Rare pleasant surprise

This posting was inspired by a request for a final waiver. Last summer I took on a tiny job – a single  beam cover (turned out to be 3 pieces when we were done). The job was a poster child … Continue reading

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Fads, fashions, and trends on planet commercial construction

 Some planets are static for long periods of time. Some not. One nice thing about Planet Commercial Construction is that it demands attention, so little is routine. Change is rampant.  When the a new or oddball situation repeats, I quickly … Continue reading

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